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MEET Russian welding gauge "TAPIRUS"!

We are proud to introduce new welding gauge "Tapirus". Designed from a scratch the only all-in-one welding gauge at the market replaces other welding gauges and adds some new features into the weld measurement procedures.

easy to use and setup
Visual inspection never been so easy before "Tapirus". Designed for the precise measurement of weld seam parameters "Tapirus" does its job faster than any other gauge
Measure linear parameters of a weld seam on cylindrical surfaces
The only one welding gauge stills usable on cylindrical surfaces - precise linear measurements in both linear and transversal directions.
No more measurement errors caused by unstable positioning
Innovative adjustable supports allow to firmly establish "Tapirus" on a surface to reach more precious measurements ever.
measure linear parameters of a weld seam on flat sufaces
Measurements of length, width, gaps, height and depth never been so easy and accurate. Moreover, edge displacement has no more effect on measurements.
angle and radius calibers
Russian welding gauge "Tapirus" has various radius and angle calibers to help inspector measure bevels and weld fillet legs easily. Moreover, "Tapirus" lets inspector to measure weld fillet legs with 0.1 mm precision.