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Measurement of the reinforcement height

Reinforcement height - Weld convexity is the distance measured between the base metal and the highest point of the weld surface, measured at its value.

Note. If there is an undercut on the edges, the  reinforcement height is measured from the point located above it on  the seam.

  • Position the welding gauge on the lower part of the weld, perpendicular to the weld and close to the fusion line.
  • For greater stability of the welding gauge when taking measurements, use the pivots

˟ красным цветом выделен параметр, подлежащий измерению

  • Adjust the linear member 3 so that the measuring point 5 is above the point of measurement (at the point of greatest convexity). 
  • Lower the top High-Lo arm 4 so that the taper gauge 5 makes contact with the surface of the inspected object at the point of measurement. 
  • Take the value of the desired parameter g from the vertical scale H as illustrated.