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Preliminary Inspection

Is mainly carried out with the aim of identifying deformations, surface cracks, chipping marks, grinding marks, cavities and other discontinuities;It is also meant for: checking the geometric dimensions of work-pieces, semi-finished products and parts, validation of identified deformations and surface discontinuities.

Inspection of finished welds 

Is carried out in order to identify deformations, surface cracks, undercuts, craters, worm holes , pores, cavities, deviations of the shape of the joints; checking the geometric dimensions of the welds and the admissibility of the identified deformations, surface discontinuities , defects in the shape of the welds and other discontinuities.

Inspection during assembly 

Is carried out with an aim of identifying and verifying the provision of acceptable gaps, the shape and size of the edges and the geometric position of the axes and surfaces of the assembled elements;

Inspection during Eploitation 

Is carried out in order to identify changes in the shape of technical devices and structures, surface defects in the material and welded joints (surfacing) formed during operation (cracks, corrosion damage, deformation, etc.)

Also, inspection methods using TapiRUS can be developed for the following types of connections (structures):

● T-JOINT welded pipes 

● lap weld

● pipe + sheet

● welded joint of spiral tubes