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Height measurement of an incomplete filling and a crater depth

Incomplete filling - It’s a continuous or an intermittent longitudinal groove on the surface of the weld formed due to insufficient filler material

  • Position the welding gauge on the lower part of the weld, perpendicular to the weld and close to the fusion line. 
  • For greater stability of the welding gauge during measurement taking , use the pivots.

˟ the parameter measured during monitoring process is highlighted in red

  • Adjust the linear member 3 so that the taper gauge 5 is above the point of measurement (at the point of greatest concavity). 
  • Lower the top High-Lo arm 4 so that the taper gauge 5 makes contact with the surface of the test object at the point of measurement. 
  • Take the value of the desired parameter h from the vertical scale H.