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core developers

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Andrey Shubochkin

D.Sc. of Engineering Sciences
Head of the Research department


Denis Galkin

Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences

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Alexey Efimov

D.Sc. of Engineering Sciences
Deputy Director for Science and Innovation


about niin

The Research Institute of Introscopy (NIIIN) was established legitmately on May 6, 1964 with the aim of further developing research and development work on introscopy to meet the needs of the national economy, national defense in instruments and means intravision in opaque bodies and environments.

During this time, employees of the institute developed more than 770 types of devices and installations for non-destructive testing for all sectors of the national economy. Published more than 620 monographs, 3300 scientific articles, more than 5100 copyright certificates and patents for inventions. NIIIN is the author of the National technological platform "Intelligent Diagnostic Systems", the main source of  scientific and reference books on non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics.

The employees of NIIIN are laureates of the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, state prizes of the Russian Federation and prizes of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Currently, NIIIN conducts research and development.It develops, manufactures, supplies NK and TD funds. 

The priority area of the institute's development is the development and implementation of digital solutions in the field of non-destructive testing: 

- "smart" non destructive inspection ; 

- applications using neural network technologies to solve the tasks of evaluating the information content of a conducted NC, the detection and analysis of anomalies of physical quantities recorded in non destructive inspection;

- digital partners of non destructive inspection specialists.

the history of the Research Institute of Introscopy