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Measurement of the root gap in a T-Joint weld 

Root gap - the minimum distance between the ends of the elements to be welded which is measured during the assembly of the butt joint for welding

  • Position TapiRUS so that it touches the controlled object at two points (see diagram)-  T. 1, located on the base metal of one of the welded elements;- T. 2, corresponding to the point of greatest convexity or concavity of the fillet weld.
  • Having previously rearranged the pivots in the groove located on the right side of the template, lower them until they come into contact with the test object and lock them.
  • Lower the fillet arm 2 until it touches the test object, and take the reading value of h.
  • The value of the desired parameter is determined as the difference between the obtained value of h and the calculated thickness of the fillet weld