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Measurement of scaly patches

Scaly patches - Transverse or rounded recesses on the surface of the roller, formed due to uneven solidification of the weld pool metal. Scales are measured for neighboring scales using their maximum height difference

  • Position the welding gauge perpendicular to the weld, close to the fusion line. 
  • For greater stability of the welding gauge during measurement taking , use the pivots. 

˟ красным цветом выделен параметр, подлежащий измерению

  • Move the linear member 3 so that the taper gauge 5 is above the measurement point.
  • Lower the top High-Lo arm 4 until the taper gauge 5 makes contact with the surface of the weld. 
  • From the vertical scale H, take the readings of the parameter h for т. 1. 
  • Having shifted the pattern along the seam, measure the parameter h for the adjacent scaly patch - т. 2. 
  • To obtain the desired parameter h, measure the difference between the values of the parameter h