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Assessment of the smoothness transition a[ong the longitudinal seam

Smoothness transition - Is basically measured in the cross section of the welded joint and it is mainly the angle between the surface of the base metal and the tangent to the surface of the weld metal, drawn at a point corresponding to the fusion line as illustrated below.

˟ на рисунке риска упора 2 совмещена с диаметром 325 мм

● Pull the fillet arm 2 out of the maingauge plate 1, matching the marks with the value corresponding to the diameter of the pipe being monitored 

● Lock the fillet arm's at this position by tightening the fillet arm rivet 6. 

● For greater stability of TapiRUS during measurement takings, use the pivots

  • Position the welding gauge so that the appropriate main gauge corner of either the 120⁰ or 150⁰ is maximally moved towards the weld. 
  • A smooth transition is ensured if the welding gauge makes contact with a point corresponding to the fusion line see the illustration